Between March and July of 2021, Mosaik Education—in partnership with Open University and Centreity Systems—began the first phase of a peer ethnographic project investigating communicative approaches to English language teaching in crisis contexts.

Mosaik Education has been exploring communicative approaches to English teaching in refugee contexts over the last few…

Mosaik Education’s many ‘offices’

COVID-19 has meant significant changes for how we work between organisations, within teams, and as individuals — and this is likely to continue. Mosaik Education was established as a remote team, so here are a few lessons from our experience.

A few disclaimers to start. We’ve kept this brief and highlighted key messages in bold, as many people are pushed for time with kids+work etc. So please excuse the brevity.

Secondly, this is by no means authoritative, neither is Mosaik’s remote experience perfect, and nor should you expect yours to…

Over the past few months, we’ve been putting together a new brand that reflects our mission: to empower a community of refugees and civil society organisations to shape and lead programmes that support refugees in accessing university. As well as re-branding, we’ve been busy shaping our new programming alongside refugees. Visit our new website and sign up to our newsletter.

Our current focus is on developing and implementing programmes that prepare refugees to access local universities, online courses or international scholarships. Activities focus on three areas: language and academic skills; guidance and support; and finance.

Some of this programming has already begun in Lebanon and Jordan…………

Participants debate during a Mosaik english class in Amman

Based on…

While struggling to restart her career in Europe, Syrian academic Oula Abu-Amsha found solace helping refugees in Jordan access higher education through the Jamiya Project and was reunited with her former students from Damascus University.

This article was published by the Refugees Deeply edition of News Deeply on March 21, 2017 here.

NRC Computer Lab “Lecture Room 3” which hosted Jamiya Project’s course in Za’atari Refugee Camp

LAST SEPTEMBER, I was thrilled and anxious at the same time. I was returning to the classroom after a four-year interruption to my teaching career.

I missed my students whom I had left…

Internationalization both benefits refugee students in obtaining European accredited courses and meets the strategic objectives of partner Universities

At the Jamiya Project, partnering with European universities has been an integral part of our model in reconnecting Syrian students with higher education. While the provision of “western” education — content, pedagogy…

Mosaik Education

Only 3% of #refugees access #university. We help refugees to reach university with guidance and skills programmes that are designed with refugees

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